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Datalogic is an industrial group which has been listed on the Italian stock exchange since 2001. The enterprise employs 2,470 staff members worldwide distributed over 30 countries. In 2014 the Datalogic Group achieved revenues for 464,5 million Euro and invested over 43 million Euro in Research and Development It focuses on specific markets: Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation.

ADC - Automatic Data Capture Datalogic offers innovative solutions for retail, transportation & logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries. In Automatic Data Capture, Datalogic is the worldwide leader in retail Point-of-Sale scanners.

IA - Industrial Automation For Industrial Automation, Datalogic is a global leader in designing, building, and installing engineered automatic identification solutions to help companies improve their material handling and distribution operations. The company offers a full spectrum automation components including fixed industrial bar code readers, sensors, safety devices, machine vision, laser marking and dimensioning.


Centro Studi plays a strategic role within the Orizzonti Holding Group, in privately funded Process Development and Applied Research fields. Centro Studi is located in Buccino (Salerno, Italy), close to Orizzonti Holding Headquarters, whose core-business is retail and wholesale food and consumer goods distribution in Southern Italy. Centro Studi main interests are not limited to Orizzonti Holding activities, and are conceptually open to go further or to extend to others the real value opportunities originally obtained through Group operations development and innovation. Our wide scope objectives are:
  • “Human Resources” knowhow and skills development, even through scientific collaboration with universities.
  • “Human-Machine” synergy: the strategic MyAv project model, integrates computer vision and other advanced technologies as tools for a human and artificial intelligence, integrated process.
  • To favour and “incubate” other innovative Start Ups and eventually in financial synergy with the Group.

Centro Studi SRL




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